For Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th Gen / Yoga 1st laptop motherboard 14282-2m with CPU I5-6200U/6300U RAM 8G 100% test OK GX490 NM-C661 X1C 8th 5th With I7-10510U 16G FRU 5B20Z25550 Original YOGA Laptop 14282-2M 448.04P15.002M tested good free shipping W/i7-6500U i7-6600U 8GB Brand NEW Motherboard LENOVO Thinkpad Core SR2F0 i5-6300U Mainboard KoCoQin SR340 I5-7300U Ram 01AX853 16822-1 448.0A912.0011 20V 3.25A 65W AC Power Supply Adapter for G400 G500 G505 G405 13 Charger New LCD Screen Hinge Axis 00JT844 00JT845 14 2560*1440 Resolution LP140QH1-SPE1 Assembly 13.3 thinkpad L13 FHD LED touch screen display Digitizer assembly 5M10W64463 5M10W64466 5M10W64465 14 Touch Display lenovo LP140QH2-SPA1 1920x1080 2018 Year 01YT278 Full (20JF) 2nd GEN 2017 14.0 Bezel CFR New/Orig Canadian French Backlit keyboard Backlight Teclado 00JT865 01AW904 Palmrest Upper Case Dutch Keyboard C Cover 01HY825 US IBM yoga Black L860-GL WiFi Card WWAN 7Th 8Th 4Th T490 T14 P14S T15 X13 P15S T15G 01AX796 Honghay 00HW028 Battery SB10F46467 20FB002VGE 20FB003RGE 20FB0043GE SB10F46466 fiber Crocodile Snake Leather Sticker Skin Protector X380 13.3 touchscreen Vinyl 2020 20JD 20JE 20JF 20JG Bottom Lower Base D Lid 01AX888 01AY911 Chau Back Top SCB0L81627 SCB0L81625 SCB0M91226 SC10M90416 450.0A906.0011 3rd Touchpad Clickpad Mouse Board CableTest LVDS Video Cable Youga 450.0A907.0001 THINKPAD RV1.5 CABLE 01AW980 450.04P0E.0001 450.04P0E.0011 cable camera 01HY990 450.0A902.0001 14.8V 45wh 45N1700 45N1701 45N1702 45N1703 2 20A7 20A8 20FQ 20FR SB30K59264 00JT863 3 20BS 20BT WQHD 00HM109 00UR149 Left Right Hinges Swedish Finnish Shell Gen3 Silver CH Swiss Portable Thin Tablet 01AY228 SM10M68928 L17C4P71 L17M4P71 L17M4P73 01AV474 01AV475 01AV499 SB10K97623 battery T440 T450S S3-S431 S440 Carbon1600*900 EDP 30pin N140FGE-EA2 B140RTN03.0 LP140WD2 TPB1 LTN140KT13 00HN829 00HN833 00HN842 04X5488 00NY424 00NY405 6th Type 20KH 20KG Sim Tray Pallet 01YR423 AM16R000410 W8P i5-4200 4G i5-4300U 12298-2 48.4LY26.021 00UR143 00HN761 00HN773 04X5584 04X6401 00UP975 Pogo Sub 15848-3 01AW801tested German 01LX913 UK English 01LX855 Spain 01HY074 01LX572 01HY075 new and I7-4600 00UP983 00HN781 04X5592 04X6409 S2 T470 T580 X280 charger usb-c power adapter 3.25a line port GZEELE 1St Rear Housing Cabinet 01AW968 SCB0K40145 case T99W175 Qualcomm X55 5G module 5W10V25777 Nano 1 Pad Clicker 7th 01YU087 01YU088 01YU089 SM10P36068 carbon X270 P51s P52s E480 E470 s2 mainboard LMQ-1 MB 2014 48.4LY06.021 i5 8GB-RAM Tested KEFU 48.4RQ01.021 Notebook I5 3317U Test Work x1 NM-B481 W/ I7-8650 8550U 16G-RAM 01YR233 01YR226 I7-4600U 00UP985 00HN757 04X5580 I7-4550 00UP988 00HN784 04X6412 04X5595 Ok warmly year original 12 years 15 Carbono Pantalla generation replacement FRU: 01AY929 LPM140M420 MNE007ZA1-2 inch 9th 2021 HDR 3840x2400 5D10V82369 Replace T14S 14.0inch 1920*1080 40Pin 5D10V82345 FOR Lcd Lvds 01YR429 (3rd Gen) LPM130M364 A PN SD10M67935 14.0 Gen-Skylake 20K4, 20K3 IPS SCREEN non NeoThinking INCH LP140QH2(SP)(A1) Replacement.