9.5mm 2nd HDD SSD Caddy for Lenovo Thinkpad L540 L440 E540 E440 Hard Drive Case With bezel Int Wireless-N +BT4.0 Combo card For Yoga 2 13 pro X240 Series, FRU 04W3830 20200409 ThinkPad : 00HN469 00HN468 00HM535 04X1972 DDR3L UMA Laptop Notebook PC Motherboard Mainboard FOR Independent Graphics Card HM87 00HM548 04X2019 04X2020 00HM547 00HM551 04X2022 lenovo thinkpad l450 l460 portátil independente da placa gráfica ventilador de refrigeração fru 04x5611 04x5612 JIGU ORIGNAL laptop battery 00NY639 45N1740 45N1741 45N1742 45N1743 SB10K12721 LENOVO T550 W540 W550s DC Power Car Adapter Charger 20V 4.5A 90W + USB Port / T540P Y40 Y50 Z40 Z50 K2450 HM86 Socket G3 00HM541 04X2013 04X2014 00HM542 7XINbox 10.8V 32Wh Original 45N1040 45N1041 Battery THINKPAD T400 T400S T500 R400 R500 W500 T420S T410S T430S 65W 3.25A 7.9*5.5mm AC Supply IBM (Lenovo) X200 X300 T410 T510 SL510 L410 L420 R60 R60e R61 R61e R61i T60 T60p T61 T61p IBM/lenovoThinkPad 14.1 &15.0 Standard Screens And R61E 15.4 Widescreen New Cord X61 42T4432 42T4435 100-240v 50-60Hz X121 X201 X220 X230 cargador carregador notebook 10pcs/lot Jack with cable Harness SPA LAS Latin Span Backlit Keyboard T430 T430i T530 T530i W530 X230i Tablet Teclado 04X1356 04X1243 original T440S T450S Bezel Palmrest cover case T420SI CPU Cooling Fan Cooler 04W3486 04W0416 t420s t430 t430s cpu & dissipador calor 04w3486 RU L450 L460 L470 T431S T440 T440P T450 e440 e431S T460 backlit WIN i7-5600U motherboard 00HT756 14.0 LED Screen LCD HD+ EDP 04X5914 04X4046 04X4932 LA Spain keyboard E431 04Y2766 04Y2729 FR KBD French Canadian 04Y2728 04Y2765 0C45293 Video 00HT772 00HT774 00HT768 Base Cover Lower Bottom AM0SB000800 04X3988 00PA886 Cover/The AM0SB002400 T450s 460 tricks 470 lipstick power adapter type-c turn square charging and Speaker loudspeaker PK23000J800 Left Right Speakers Built-in Audio T470 T480 SWG Heatsink Assembly Radiator 01YR200 01YR201 01YR202 Chau T570 P51S T580 P52S Touchpad Mouse Pad Clicker 01AY036 SM10K80794 01AY037 DE GR German A475 A485 T460S T460P S2 T470S T470P Switch Cable Wire Line FFC 6PIN NBX0001LP10 01YR511 Akemy CT470 NM-A931 01AX963 01LV671 01HX636 I5 7200U DDR4 100% Test Work Laotop i7-7600U PAILIANG 01HW527 Core SR2EY I5-6200U TESTED DDR3 NV140FHM T00 R140NWF5 R1 R6 B140HAK01.0 Touch T480S US English Backlight 01AX569 01AX487 01AX528 SA Slovenian 01HX323 01HX363 01HX403 01HW555 00UR443 01HW556 00UR444 I7 6500 i7-6600U Sticker T580T Skin Protector Fingerprint docking stations Fro PN 01AW969 01AW970 SC50F54334 SSEA NEW board W541 Q1 Discrete 04X1894 Azerty T540 T540p Edge E531 L570 0C44913 Genuine ADL230SCC3A 230W 11.5A LEGION 5-15IMH05H 81Y6 P71 Y7000P Y900 P72 P73 Y910 SATA E480 E485 E490 E495 R480 R490 Tray Bracket 01LW174 NBX0001KT00 8.5A Square openingLaptop Legion Y720 P50 P70 T440p 04X5292 48.4LO13.021 N15P-Q1-A2 Tested 00JT893 LKM-1 12308-2 48.4LO18.021 Main Board dedicated W540p 1920x1080 Panel B140han01.8 X1 Gen 01AX895 01AX896 01AY916 01YR155 Display B140han03.6 3rd 01YT245 01YT244 01AY920 01AY975 1 PCS Anti-Glare matte/1 Clear protectors 2015-2016 release 1st 14 T99W175 Qualcomm X55 5G module 5W10V25768 Carbon 9th yoga 6th Titanium Fold X13 T14s P1 4 IPS 20FQ 20FR 2016 Year 00HN879 ST50G56741 Upper C 01LV011 NDC Nordic 7th 8th 4th 5th SN20R55561 SN20W73759.